WATCH: Donald Trump Unleashes FURY On Hillary

In a stunning turn of events, President Trump has taken the gloves off and filed an unsealed motion to dismiss the politically charged classified documents case against him. Trump’s legal team argues that he is the victim of vindictive and selective prosecution, highlighting the glaring double standards in how cases involving Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Mike Pence, and Bill Clinton were handled. Despite clear evidence of mishandling classified documents, none of these individuals faced charges under the Espionage Act or for obstruction of justice. Trump’s motion exposes the blatant hypocrisy and bias in our legal system, where the law is selectively applied based on political agenda. As Trump fights back against this witch hunt, his demand for equal justice under the law resonates with Americans tired of seeing our legal system weaponized for political gain.

Top Comment:

“Send Hillary to prison NOW!”

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