VIDEO: Dr. Phil Reveals SHOCK Irregularities in Trump’s Trial

In this explosive special report, Gary Franchi delves into Dr. Phil’s shocking revelations about Donald Trump’s hush money trial. The renowned psychologist breaks his silence, exposing the glaring irregularities and potential bias plaguing this unprecedented case. With Trump’s fate hanging in the balance, Dr. Phil questions the fairness of the New York jury tasked with deciding the former president’s future. Is this a legitimate pursuit of justice or a politically charged theatrical performance? As the trial unfolds, the integrity of our judicial system is put to the test. Dr. Phil’s insights raise alarming concerns about the lack of clear evidence and the validity of the charges against Trump. Are we witnessing a sham trial, a kangaroo court driven by political agendas? Or will due process prevail? Join Gary Franchi as he examines the implications of this high-stakes case and its potential impact on the American political landscape.

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“Everybody in the world knows exactly what’s going on.”

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