Game-Changing Testimony Gives Trump HUGE Court Win

In a stunning turn of events, Stormy Daniels’ lawyer delivered damning testimony that crushed Alvin Bragg’s case against former President Donald Trump in his ongoing New York criminal trial. Keith Davidson, Daniels’ attorney, argued that the $130,000 payment was not hush money, but rather a consideration payment, casting doubt on the prosecution’s allegations. Davidson’s testimony has signaled a significant shift in the legal battle, raising questions about the nature of the relationship between Daniels and Trump. Meanwhile, Michael Avenatti, Daniels’ former lawyer, has also made headlines with his scathing remarks against the prosecutors, claiming that both he and Trump have been targeted by politically motivated prosecutions. Avenatti, who is currently imprisoned, expressed regret over his involvement with Daniels and suggested that she has been lying for money. As the trial continues, the testimony of Daniels’ lawyers has provided a glimmer of hope for Trump, who has been navigating a charged political backdrop while reengaging with his campaign.

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