VIDEO: Trump Attorney’s 6 Explosive Words Expose Dual Justice System

In this explosive interview, Trump attorney Alina Habba exposes the shocking double standards and judicial bias in the ongoing legal battle against former President Donald Trump. As Judge Juan Merchan threatens to jail Trump over alleged violations of a restrictive gag order, Habba argues that the judge’s actions are politically motivated and constitute election interference. She highlights the glaring contradictions in the courtroom, where witnesses are allowed to speak freely on left-leaning media outlets while Trump is silenced for merely reposting others’ statements. Habba warns that the United States is facing a state of crisis in its judicial system, with a dual system of justice that undermines the very principles of democracy. Meanwhile, Trump himself vows to sacrifice his freedom for the sake of the Constitution, emphasizing that the First Amendment rights are more important than the threat of jail.

Top Comment:

“The Judge is violating NY recusal LAW.”

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