VIDEO: AG Unravels DOJ’s Sinister Plot Against Trump

In a shocking turn of events, Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey has launched a probe into potential collusion between the Biden Department of Justice and prosecutors targeting former President Donald Trump. Bailey alleges that the DOJ, under Biden’s leadership, has become the nerve center of a politically motivated witch hunt aimed at derailing Trump’s 2024 presidential bid. Citing compelling evidence, the AG points to the suspicious move of top DOJ official Matthew Colangelo to the Manhattan DA’s office to spearhead the Trump case. Furthermore, he highlights the troubling ties between key figures like Alvin Bragg, Letitia James, and Fani Willis, all of whom appear to be working in concert with the DOJ to bring down Trump. As the 2024 election looms, the implications of this alleged conspiracy are staggering. If proven true, it would represent an unprecedented level of election interference by a sitting administration against its chief political rival. AG Bailey’s FOIA request seeks to uncover the extent of this potential collusion, demanding communications that could shed light on the DOJ’s role in orchestrating Trump’s legal woes.

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“I hope Trump sues them”

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