WATCH: Leaked Footage Reveals Biden STAGED The Whole Thing

In this SPECIAL REPORT, we dive deep into the controversy surrounding President Joe Biden's recent campaign stop at a Philadelphia Wawa. Leaked footage reveals that what was presented as a casual outing was, in fact, a meticulously planned performance. From his struggle with a...

VIDEO: Speaker Johnson Caught COLLUDING With Democrats

n an unprecedented move, House Speaker Mike Johnson has betrayed his own party by relying on Democrat votes to advance his foreign aid plan. For the first time in recorded history, the House Rules Committee used minority party votes to overcome objections from the...

VIDEO: Biden’s Energy Secretary SHOCKING Lies to Congress

In a explosive Senate hearing, Sen. Josh Hawley exposes Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm's alleged institutionalized corruption at the DOE. Hawley accuses Granholm of misleading Congress about her individual stock ownership and violating the Stock Act and Hatch Act. The heated exchange reveals a timeline...

WATCH: One Look From Trump Sends Juror RUNNING

In this explosive special report, Gary Franchi delves into the latest developments in Donald Trump's hush money trial. A dismissed juror speaks out about her "jarring" experience in the courtroom, admitting her bias against the former president and blaming him for the spread of...

BREAKING: Explosions in Iran, Iraq, and Syria | LiveNOW from FOX

Iran fired air defense batteries after sounds of explosions near Isfahan, home to a major airbase for the Iranian military. State-run IRNA news reports the defenses fired in several provinces.

WATCH: Suspected spies arrested in Germany for military sabotage plot with Russia

Fox News' Lucas Tomlinson reports the latest on the arrests. #FoxNews