MUST SEE: Chinese Spy Balloon Will NOT Be Shot Down By U.S., Pentagon Says

The United States government is monitoring a suspected Chinese surveillance balloon that has been moving over the northern United States.

VIDEO: Former CIA Officer Sounds Alarm Over FBI, Biden Document Scandal

Former CIA officer Mike Baker joined ‘Mornings with Maria’ to discuss FBI agents taking ‘material and handwritten notes’ that may relate to Biden’s time as Vice President. #foxbusiness

WATCH: Joe Biden Caught Talking To a Ghost

The Washington Examiner reports, President Joe Biden repeated a widely debunked story about a conversation he had with an Amtrak conductor on Monday. Despite the fact that the conductor in question reportedly retired in 1993, the claim that he added up the miles he...

ALERT: Social Media Company Officially A National Security Threat

Daily wire reports, it has been announced that TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew will appear before lawmakers in March to discuss the social media platform's data security practices and connections with the Chinese government. Top Comment: "Hmm will they ban tik tok... inquiring minds want to...

VIDEO: CNN Hit With BAD News… It’s All Over

Townhall reports, CNN hasn't kept up with post-Trump administration times, regardless of a change of course directed by new boss Chris Licht following a merger between CNN's parent company and Discovery. There's bound to be some talk of whether the network can be salvaged...

WATCH: Texas TAKES BACK Control Of The Border

Breitbart reports, Governor Greg Abbott announced the appointment of a border czar to lead Operation Lone Star. During a press conference in the Rio Grande Valley on Monday, the announcement was made. Top Comment: "Thank you Greg Abbott for all you do for the American people."