WATCH: You Won’t BELIEVE What Happened at Biden’s Press Conference

In this special report, Gary Franchi exposes the chaotic joint press conference between President Joe Biden and Kenyan President William Ruto. The event was marred by Biden’s confusion, reliance on pre-written notes, and startling outbursts. Franchi breaks down the key moments, from Biden’s inability to remember questions just seconds after they were asked to his shocking jump scare that left reporters stunned. The report also delves into the larger implications of Biden’s apparent cognitive decline and the administration’s attempts to control the narrative through pre-approved questions and scripted answers. As the U.S. and Kenya discuss critical issues like security support in Haiti, Biden’s performance raises serious concerns about his ability to lead effectively on the world stage. Join us as we uncover the truth behind this disastrous press conference and explore what it means for America’s future.

Top Comment:

“What an utter embarrassment.”

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