Watch: Woke Hollywood Horrified After Legendary Actor Fights Back

Top news right now: Actor Dennis Quaid and fellow Texan actors are pushing for more funding for the Texas Moving Image Industry Incentive Program, in hopes of turning Texas into the “film capital of the world.” Quaid argues that many other areas are more business-friendly than California, which has led to many filmmakers choosing states like Georgia or Oklahoma for their productions. The incentive program offers grants for film and television projects, with up to 20% for those exceeding $3.5 million. Requirements include having 70% of paid crew and cast be Texas residents and completing 60% of production in Texas. The program has earned $1.95 billion in in-state spending since 2007. Texas House Bill 4419 would raise the rebates from $45 million to $200 million for the trust fund.

Top Comment:

“My concern is will Texas be the next California as liberal voters move there.”

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