Watch: Tucker Carlson Exposes Newsweek’s Sinister Agenda

In this special report, Gary Franchi exposes Newsweek’s blatant attempt to smear Tucker Carlson with false claims of a partnership with Russian state TV. Carlson slams the story as “total bull**** in every way,” accusing Newsweek of trying to give the Biden administration a pretext to spy on him using the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). The truth is revealed: Russian state TV aired older episodes of Carlson’s show without legal permission, according to Tucker Carlson Network CEO Neil Patel. Patel firmly denies any deals with Russian state media, highlighting Newsweek’s failure to fact-check before publishing. Glenn Greenwald calls out the story as an “irresistible McCarthyite smear,” while Carlson himself dismisses it as “absurd” and “more Russia-related bull****.” As the establishment media continues to push false narratives, this special report uncovers the dark underbelly of their tactics and the potential consequences for free speech in America.

Top Comment:

“Tucker is one of the most imported voices in news… getting fired at Fox News only made his voice bigger.”

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