WATCH: Trump Sends Coded Message to Biden After Hunter’s Conviction

In a stunning turn of events, Hunter Biden has been found guilty on all three federal felony gun charges. As the first immediate family member of a sitting president to be convicted of a crime, this verdict sends shockwaves through Washington. But it’s President Trump’s genius response that has everyone talking. In a statement laced with a coded message to Joe Biden, Trump hints at a potential pardon for Hunter in exchange for calling off investigations against him. Vivek Ramaswamy exposes the trial as a sham, designed to legitimize Trump’s own conviction while deflecting from the Biden family’s actual crimes. As the media rushes to spin the verdict, President Biden reacts with a statement of love and support for his son. But with Trump’s masterful political maneuvering, has he just checkmated the Bidens?

Top Comment:

“This is all smoke and mirrors.”

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