WATCH: Trump ROCKS Dems With 5 Shocking Words Right Before Trial

In an explosive moment just seconds before the start of the most historic criminal trial in American history, Donald Trump stunned the world with a defiant 5-word declaration aimed directly at the Democrats behind his persecution. In this exclusive special report, join me, Gary Franchi, as I take you inside the courtroom drama unfolding in New York City. Witness the unprecedented scene as jury selection begins in this landmark case against a former president, with Trump proudly taking his seat flanked by his powerhouse legal team. But there’s more to this story than meets the eye. We’ll expose the shocking conflicts of interest that call into question the very integrity of these proceedings, presided over by a far-left judge and driven by a Soros-funded DA. With 500 potential jurors from the hostile anti-Trump stronghold of Manhattan awaiting questioning, the stakes couldn’t be higher for the future of our republic.

Top Comment:

“They are violating his rights, disgusting!”

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