Watch: Trump Just Forced PANIC Among Corrupt Officials

Former FBI Director Andrew McCabe claims that some FBI agents and law enforcement officials are considering fleeing the country if Donald Trump wins the 2024 presidential election. McCabe suggests these individuals fear being held accountable for potential misconduct under a Trump administration. He portrays Trump as driven to clean house and hold the guilty accountable, a promise he made to drain the swamp. McCabe warns that Trump’s potential return to power could lead to a reckoning within the Department of Justice and the FBI, with corrupt officials facing consequences for their actions. The prospect of such a scenario has sparked discussions among former colleagues in the intelligence and law enforcement community, with some contemplating leaving the country to avoid facing justice. McCabe’s revelations raise questions about the future of American institutions and the need for accountability should Trump secure a second term.

Top Comment:

“What they did is called Treason!”

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