Watch: Ted Cruz Rips Liberal Author To Shreds Over U.S. Border

A Twitter feud blossomed between horror author Stephen King and Senator Ted Cruz about a controversial 2021 Cancun trip. However, the narrative swiftly shifted to the escalated crisis at the U.S-Mexico border under President Biden’s tenure. Cruz highlighted the increased illegal crossings, with a leap in persons on the Terror Watch List. Detrimental impact includes over six million illegal crossings since Biden took office. King, unconcerned about the border crisis, redirected to Cruz’s southernly jaunt. However, Cruz retorted, calling attention to concerning humanitarian issues at the border, hinting at King’s indifference. Despite King’s constant diversions, Cruz fought the narrative back to the border crisis, underlining its gravity and scolding King for his indifference. Cruz’s message: Address the real crisis and hold the current administration accountable.

Top Comment:

“So many talented people are big disappointments when it comes to common sense!”

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