WATCH: One Look From Trump Sends Juror RUNNING

In this explosive special report, Gary Franchi delves into the latest developments in Donald Trump’s hush money trial. A dismissed juror speaks out about her “jarring” experience in the courtroom, admitting her bias against the former president and blaming him for the spread of COVID-19. CNN’s legal analyst warns Trump’s team that having a jury foreperson who watches Fox News may not be the winning strategy they hope for. Meanwhile, tensions rise as Trump is accused of intimidating a prospective juror, prompting a stern warning from the judge overseeing the case. As the trial unfolds, a diverse jury has been selected, representing a cross-section of New York City. Gary Franchi breaks down the implications of these developments and what they could mean for the future of the former president. With exclusive insights and analysis, this special report is a must-watch for anyone following the Trump hush money trial.

Top Comment:

“This is proof there is no fair trial for him in New York.”

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