WATCH: Hillary Goes On Unhinged Anti-Trump Rant

In a shocking revelation on the “Democracy Docket” podcast, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton unleashed a scathing attack on Donald Trump, accusing him of harboring dictatorial ambitions akin to Russia’s Vladimir Putin. Clinton asserted that Trump yearns to silence opposition, imprison dissidents, and rule without checks and balances, just like the ruthless leaders he admires. She emphasized the importance of understanding Trump’s worldview, as he models himself after strongmen like Putin, Xi, and Kim Jong Un. Drawing from her experience negotiating with Putin, Clinton warned of the dire consequences of a Trump re-election, including withdrawing from NATO, abandoning Ukraine, and undermining surveillance of America’s enemies. As the nation grapples with the prospect of Trump’s return to the White House, Clinton’s chilling insights serve as a stark reminder of the high stakes involved.

Top Comment:

“They always accuse others of what THEY are doing.”

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