Watch: Dem Senator Brutally Roasted After Getting Exposed As Total Hypocrite

en. John Fetterman (D-PA) gets slammed on Twitter for posting about Juneteenth and systemic racism, considering his shotgun shenanigans with a black jogger back in 2013. Old Johnny claims he was merely addressing Braddock’s gun violence issue, but Mr. Firecracker, formerly known as “unarmed black jogger,” surely disagrees. Fetterman tweets about unshakeable truths and black lives mattering, but Twitter users “shake” some sense into him, demanding a public apology to his unarmed friend. Conservative figures join the party, questioning his selective memory on the jogging-with-shotgun incident. Guess “Chasing Fetterman” doesn’t just refer to his political career anymore.

Top Comment:

“Fetterman’s a potato. End of story”

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