Video: Woke Disney Just Lost MILLIONS…

Dive into our special report on ‘The Marvels’ – Disney’s latest cinematic venture that’s shaping up to be their biggest box office flop yet. Join Gary Franchi as he unpacks the financial fiasco, exploring how Disney’s deviation from proven formulas and embrace of controversial changes led to this unprecedented failure. From pre-release predictions to the shocking opening weekend numbers, we delve into the factors behind the movie’s underperformance. Discover the implications for the future of Marvel Studios and the wider film industry. We’ll also reveal some surprising insights in our final thought, shedding light on why this story matters deeply to Americans. Don’t miss out on this critical analysis of Hollywood’s latest debacle. Tune in for a gripping narrative that’s more than just entertainment news – it’s a reflection of our times.

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“Boycott all things Disney”

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