Video: Trump’s Attorney Fires Back At Corrupt Indictment

In this video, we delve into the explosive claims made by Jim Trusty, attorney to former President Donald Trump, against the Department of Justice (DOJ). Accusing the DOJ of using extortion tactics to bring about Trump’s indictment, Trusty labels the process as ‘corrupt and politicized’. He insists on the manipulation of Stanley Woodward, attorney to Trump aide Walt Nauta, by senior DOJ officials, with the prospect of a judgeship used as leverage.

Trusty demands an in-depth investigation into these allegations, hoping to uncover any email or text message evidence that could reveal the depth of the supposed DOJ criminal activities. He stands firm on Trump’s innocence and critiques the DOJ’s handling of the case, going as far as accusing Attorney General Merrick Garland of avoiding his duties.

This video sheds light on the intense drama surrounding Trump’s indictment, revealing layers of intrigue. If validated, Trusty’s claims could revolutionize our understanding of the proceedings. As we await the DOJ’s response, the case commands national attention. Watch this video to get all the details on this riveting development in the political and legal landscape.

Top Comment:

“”We’ll never beat Trump in a fair election. Let’s indict him for something.””

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