Video: Top Democrat Caught In Humiliating Hypocrisy

Top news right now: Brian Schwalb, Democratic Attorney General of the District of Columbia, has admitted to possessing a gas stove in his home, even as he defended his endorsement of a proposal by the Consumer Product Safety Commission to regulate gas stoves due to their harmful pollutant emissions and risk to public safety. Schwalb argued that it is important that consumers are informed of the risks associated with gas stoves so that they can make informed decisions about the appliances in their homes. His statement comes after Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm revealed that she too has a gas stove in her home despite pushing for more restrictive efficiency standards for consumer appliances. The Biden administration has implemented several regulations to reduce carbon emissions. However, the proposed crackdown on gas stoves has attracted backlash from critics.

Top Comment:

“They’re all hypocrites! Rules for thee, but not for me!”

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