Video: Liberal City Cancels Citizen Wedding Plans To Accommodate Migrants

Top news right now: Controversy erupts as the Crossroads Hotel in Newburgh cancels wedding guests’ reservations to accommodate asylum seekers relocated from New York City. The engaged couple, Sean Plunkett and Nicole Hoeffrle, find themselves at the center of an unjust and inconvenient situation. Their carefully reserved hotel rooms, intended for their wedding guests, have been snatched away. Plunkett expresses their deep sense of feeling cast aside. The hotel’s abrupt decision to prioritize asylum seekers has left the couple scrambling for alternatives while trying to preserve the joyous atmosphere of their pre-wedding days. This incident isn’t isolated; other couples and groups are also forced to seek new accommodations due to the sudden influx of asylum seekers.

Top Comment:

“Sue the hotel and the mayor”

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