Video: Is This The End Of Kamala Harris?

Kamala Harris’s approval ratings hit a historic low, with 32% positive and 49% negative views. Surpassing predecessors like Mike Pence (-4) and Joe Biden (+1), Harris’s net-negative rating of -17 is the lowest in VP polling history. Harris’s shortcomings include her handling of the U.S.-Mexico border crisis and poorly received public speeches. Despite her unpopularity, Biden retains her as his 2024 running mate, causing doubts about campaign effectiveness. Some argue racism and sexism factor into her disapproval. Meanwhile, 68% worry about Biden’s ability to lead, with a 53% disapproval rate. In hypothetical matchups, Biden beats Trump with 49% to 45%, but ties with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis at 47%. As doubts multiply, will Republicans leverage the situation?

Top Comment:

“The cackling queen is as unpopular as Joey.”

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