VIDEO: FDNY Boss Vows to HUNT DOWN Pro-Trump Firefighters

In a shocking display of dissent, FDNY firefighters openly booed New York Attorney General Letitia James and chanted their support for former President Donald Trump during a department promotion ceremony. The incident has sparked outrage within the department, with Commissioner Laura Kavanagh vowing to “hunt down” the staffers responsible for the disruptive behavior. Firefighters now face the threat of reprimands and forced “reeducation” for exercising their First Amendment rights. An FDNY retiree has called out the city’s “fascist pit bulls” for punishing the firefighters’ protest, claiming it was a political stunt gone wrong. With tensions running high and the department in possession of video footage, the investigation is set to uncover those involved in the controversial incident.

Top Comment:

“Disbar and fire James and Engoron NOW”

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