Video: Biden Panics As Congress Makes Big Move Against Hunter

Hunter Biden’s plea deal on federal tax and gun charges is the latest evidence of a two-tiered justice system, conveniently under Daddy Biden’s watch. But guess what! Representative James Comer’s House investigation into Papa and Junior’s alleged international bribery schemes isn’t backing down. While the Department of “Justice” gives Hunter a slap on the wrist, Comer’s crew continues digging up dirt on the Bidens’ corruption carnival, including 20—yes, 20—shell companies. Can you hear the FBI sweating? But hey, Hunter’s gotta take responsibility for his turmoil-filled, addiction-fueled days, right? Inject some courage into that Oversight Committee, Comer, and keep exposing those so-called leaders. And to the doubting mainstream media—show’s far from over.

Top Comment:

“How about charge him”

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