Video: Biden Lashes Out at Reporter for Exposing This Key Secret

President Joe Biden is facing difficult questions about his involvement in an alleged bribery scheme while serving as the vice president. The FBI provided documents to Congress last week alleging that Biden accepted a $5 million bribe from a Ukrainian oligarch and paid his son Hunter. It has also been alleged that Zlochevsky recorded conversations with the Bidens as insurance. A recent poll indicated that a majority of voters believe the Bidens received payments from foreign entities to influence policy. Biden has refused to comment, calling the allegations “malarkey.” The FBI has not disclosed if it has copies of the alleged conversations. The informant who provided the FBI with the information has reportedly received over $200,000 from the agency and may have connections to the CIA.

Top Comment:

“That means it’s true if he’s lashing out, isn’t that right Democrats?”

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