Trump Launches HUGE Courtroom Counterattack

In this explosive special report, Gary Franchi exposes the shocking truth behind Trump’s sham trial in New York. As Trump delivers a fiery courtroom speech denouncing the case as a threat to the Constitution, Rep. Dan Meuser slams the proceedings, comparing them to a circus and calling it an “insult to clowns.” Meanwhile, legal expert Mark Levin drops a bombshell revelation that DA Alvin Bragg could face disbarment over a crucial misstep in the case. Franchi digs deep into the alarming reality of Trump’s historic fight against political persecution in a rigged justice system, warning that America stands on the brink as this sham trial pushes our democracy to its limits. Don’t miss Franchi’s powerful final thought on why this story matters to every American.

Top Comment:

“Trump gets stronger every day”

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