Trump Creates Shocking Alliance With Dr. Phil

In this explosive special report, we expose the shocking truth behind the weaponization of the government against President Trump. Dr. Phil’s powerful words ring out, warning America of the dire consequences if we let hatred for Trump compromise our moral compass. Trump himself strikes back in a fiery video, revealing the disturbing details of the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid, where they were authorized to use deadly force. He calls out Biden’s DOJ for their illegal and unconstitutional actions, proving Dr. Phil right about the sham trials and witch hunts targeting political opponents. As Dr. Phil urges forgiveness and an end to the craziness to save America’s sanity, we must heed his call to action. Our beloved country is at a crossroads, and it’s time to demand better from our leaders. We need our institutions to return to their intended purpose, not be bastardized for political agendas.

Top Comment:

“If Dr. Phil will point out how bad that trial is, it might bring more voters to Trump.”

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