Shock Video: Democrats’ Diabolical Plan to Destroy The Supreme Court

Democrats, championed by Sheldon Whitehouse, are advocating for a new Supreme Court “ethics” code, which Republican Sen. John Kennedy deems unnecessary and potentially undermining judicial independence. Kennedy emphasizes the Court’s existing self-regulatory measures and transparency on gifts and related activities. The Louisiana senator counters that the proposal isn’t about ethics but political motivations, evidenced by the continued push for court expansion and discontent over recent court decisions. He argues that members of Congress are seeking to unduly influence the Court’s internal operations, contrary to the separation of powers doctrine. Kennedy insists that the Supreme Court justices are beyond reproach, highlighting their adherence to existing rules. He calls the Democrats’ ethics bill ‘unconstitutional’ and ‘dead as fried chicken.’

Top Comment:

“Anybody who disagrees with them is a target!”

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