Sean Hannity Makes STUNNING Trump Announcement

In a shocking turn of events, Fox News host Sean Hannity has sparked outrage among conservatives by urging President Donald Trump to go easy on Biden’s Department of Justice when he returns to the White House. This plea comes despite the fact that Trump faces an astonishing 94 fake indictments, all of which are politically motivated and baseless. In an exclusive interview on “Hannity,” Trump laid bare the unprecedented persecution he endures and slammed the Biden regime’s disastrous governance. He detailed the illegitimate nature of the cases against him, from Georgia to the shaky document case in Florida. Conservatives are up in arms over Hannity’s controversial question, accusing him of being too lenient on the corrupt Biden DOJ. Trump, while vowing to restore equal justice, emphasized the gravity of the situation and the need to hold those responsible accountable.

Top Comment:

“I don’t watch Hannity, I’ve had bad feelings about that guy for a long time…”

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