DeSantis DESTROYS The Dems’ Newest Scam

In a bold move, Governor Ron DeSantis has signed a law cracking down on squatters in Florida, empowering police to swiftly remove trespassers from private property. Unlike liberal states like California and New York, where homeowners face lengthy legal battles to evict squatters, Florida now sides with law-abiding citizens. The new legislation allows property owners to file a complaint with local law enforcement, who can immediately remove squatters unable to prove their right to occupy the property. Tough penalties have also been established, making it a crime to falsely claim property rights or cause damage while squatting. DeSantis declares that Florida is leading the nation in securing homes against squatters, protecting property owners, and punishing criminals looking to game the system. This landmark law sends a clear message: squatters are not welcome in the Sunshine State.

Top Comment:

“All governors should stand up like this and say no more!”

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