California SHATTERED After Gov. Newsom Does The Unthinkable

In a shocking turn of events, beloved Mexican food chain Rubio’s Coastal Grill has abruptly closed 48 of its California locations, leaving thousands jobless. The company cites the “rising cost of doing business” in the state as the primary reason for the closures, directly linking the decision to Governor Gavin Newsom’s controversial fast food law that mandates a $22 minimum wage for fast food workers. While Rubio’s has faced financial difficulties in the past, the mass closures serve as a glaring example of the hostile business climate fostered by California’s progressive policies. The once-thriving chain, founded in San Diego and celebrated for its fish tacos, has become yet another victim of the state’s business-busting legislation. As small businesses struggle to compete and keep up with the pressures of the new law, Rubio’s story is a warning sign of the devastating consequences of Newsom’s vision for California and the nation as a whole.

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“Newsom is a bum!”

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