Breaking: D.C. Swamp Lashes Out AGAIN At Donald Trump

In today’s special report, Gary Franchi dives deep into the heart of the GOP’s latest showdown. Nikki Haley has claimed her first victory in the Washington D.C. primary, but is it anything more than a participation trophy awarded by the swamp itself? Meanwhile, Trump dominates the Idaho caucus with a staggering 70+ point lead, underscoring his unwavering grip on the heart and soul of the Republican base. This report unpacks the drama, the conflicts, and the real story behind Haley’s so-called victory and Trump’s undeniable momentum. From the swamps of D.C. to the heartland of Idaho, we’re covering the battlegrounds that will define the GOP’s path forward.

Top Comment:

“What do you expect from the swamp? Trump 2024!”

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