Breaking: Biden’s AG Heading To PRISON

In a stunning 208-207 vote, the House has held Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt of Congress. The decision comes amid revelations of President Biden’s lies about his mishandling of classified documents and the Oversight Committee’s exposure of the Bidens raking in $18 million from foreign influence peddling schemes. Rep. James Comer accuses the DOJ of shielding Biden from consequences by hiding audio recordings and giving Hunter Biden a sweetheart plea deal. The House GOP argues it cannot serve as a check on the presidency if subpoenas are ignored. Meanwhile, Rep. Anna Paulina Luna vows to force a vote on Garland’s arrest if the DOJ fails to act, seeking to restore accountability and rein in runaway executive branch power. This SPECIAL REPORT delves into the drama unfolding in Washington as the battle between Congress and the DOJ reaches a boiling point.

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“Put him in a cell with a J6 political prisoner”

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