WATCH: Joe Biden Caught In Blatant Lie On Camera AGAIN

Joe Biden now claims he’s “been to every mass shooting.” He’s been to ONE this year. The gaffes keep piling up for Old Joe. What does it mean for 2024? Top Comment: "We've become the laughing stock of the world"

Trump Just BLINDSIDED The Liberal Media

Dive into a whirlpool of unfolding political drama as recent polls unveil a surprising narrative that might just reshape the contours of the 2024 presidential race. Could a Trump resurgence be on the horizon while Biden grapples with shadows...

WATCH: “All of them will die and it’s Zelensky’s fault” Scott Ritter fmr. U.S. Marine

Neocons are saying that the war in Ukraine will be a "forever war" but analysts say that it is all but over. Seymour Hersh says that Ukrainians are ready for mutiny to stop being led to their death. Is...

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton just hit rock bottom’s basement: Concha

FOX News contributor Joe Concha joins 'FOX & Friends First' to discuss Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's claim she's looking to trade in her Tesla, Hillary Clinton's interview on Russian election interference, and Biden's poor polling.  #FoxNews

VIDEO: Democrats Move To Let Migrants Vote

Remember when citizenship actually meant something? As migrants continue to flood into the country, Democrats keep pushing to give them YOUR right to vote. Plus, Pennsylvania introduces an insane new idea for voting. Top Comment: "eople of of Pennsylvania...

Biden “Accidentally” Loses $3 BILLION Dollars

A new poll shows more Americans believe that government corruption is growing. As evidence, Bill shares a story about 3 Billion dollars that has mysteriously gone missing in Mexico. Top Comment: "It doesn't go "missing" Bill. It just changes pockets."

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