Americans STUNNED After What China Just Caught Doing This

In this explosive episode, Dr. Phil joins Joe Rogan to expose a chilling reality: Chinese nationals are strategically buying American farmland near sensitive US military bases. This silent invasion, revealed by Dr. Phil, raises red flags about espionage and national security threats. Dr. Phil and Rogan dive into shocking cases, like a Chinese billionaire’s 100,000-acre purchase in Texas, dangerously close to critical military installations. Even more alarming? The Biden administration’s apparent inaction in the face of this looming threat. But there’s hope. Gov. Kristi Noem is taking bold action, leading the charge to protect American soil from foreign adversaries. Her moves to close loopholes and strengthen penalties are a beacon of light in this dark tale. Dr. Phil also unveils China’s stranglehold on American agriculture, with Chinese entities controlling vital infrastructure like grain elevators. This gives them the power to crush farming communities at will. Shockingly, mainstream media has turned a blind eye to this crisis. But Dr. Phil and Gov. Noem refuse to stay silent.

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“Should have NEVER been allowed!”

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