ALERT: China Moves Poised to CRIPPLE U.S. Infrastructure

In this explosive Next News Network special report, Gary Franchi uncovers the chilling truth behind China’s impending cyber attack on U.S. infrastructure. FBI Director Chris Wray has sounded the alarm, revealing that Chinese hackers, under the guise of Operation Volt Typhoon, have already infiltrated several critical American companies in telecommunications, energy, water, and other vital sectors. As the threat of a catastrophic blow to our nation’s lifelines looms, the FBI warns that China is developing the capability to physically wreak havoc on our infrastructure at a time of their choosing. With recent incidents like the widespread 911 outages and the Baltimore bridge collapse raising suspicions, the evidence points to a sinister plot that could plunge the country into chaos. Join Gary as he delves into the shocking details of China’s cyber warfare capabilities and exposes the urgent need for action to protect our nation from this imminent threat.

Top Comment:

“Thanks Joe for letting the China balloons to fly through our country and collect data!!”

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