Alert: Biden’s Secret Scheme Exposed

In a shocking display of audacity, St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter publicly thanked President Joe Biden for canceling his student loans, sparking outrage among hardworking Americans. Despite earning a six-figure salary, Carter shamelessly celebrated having his debts paid off by average workers struggling to make ends meet. This special report exposes the injustice of Biden’s student loan forgiveness scheme, which benefits the wealthy elite at the expense of taxpayers. We delve into the unconstitutional workarounds employed by the Biden administration to circumvent the Supreme Court’s ruling against the loan bailout program. Discover how this blatant abuse of power has ignited fury across the nation, as citizens grapple with the reality of shouldering the burden for the privileged few. Join us as we uncover the truth behind Mayor Carter’s jubilation and the far-reaching implications of Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan. Don’t miss our final thought, where we explore the seismic shift in public opinion and the potential consequences for those in power.

Top Comment:

“Whoever didn’t get their loans forgiven saw an increase of the interest rate. Absolutely unforgivable.”

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